Lacy and Britny, summer 2005

Lacy's Favorite Songs

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"Running To Stand Still" -- U2 "Baby of Mine (Dumbo)" -- Disney
"Wake Me Up When September Ends" -Green Day "American Idiot" -Green Day "Here By Me" -3 Doors Down
"Disney" -- God Help the Outkasts "My Immortal" -- Evanescence "The Way I Am" -- Eminem
"Bring Me To Life" -- Evanescense "Bounce" -- Fatty Koo "Disappear" -- Hoobastank
"Cool" -- Gwen Stefani "Gorillaz" -- Feel Good Inc "When You Wish Upon A Star" -- Jiminy Cricket
"Warning" -- Incubus "Break Away" -- Kelly Clarkson "Believe" -- Josh Groban
"I Need It In My Life" -- Juvenile "Wouldn't You Like To Ride" -- Kanye West "Breath" -- Faith Hill
"Let Me Hold You" -- Lil Bow Wow Feat Omarion "Behind These Hazel Eyes" -- Kelly Clarkson "Fallin" -- Alicia Keys
"Rocking On Top of the World" on Polar Express "Breathe" -- Michelle Branch "Scream" -- Micheal and Janet Jackson
"Chevy" -- Pretty Ricky "Dont Cha" -- Pussycat Dolls Rihanna-Pon De Replay
"Fast Cars and Freedom" -Rascall Flatts "Beaver Cleaver" -Andy Milanokis "NYC Remix" -Andy Milanokis
"God Bless the Broken Road" -Rascal Flatts "Feels Like Today" -Rascal Flatts (Lacy was listening to this non-stop) "Theme" -Andy Milanokis
"These Days" -Rascal Flatts "I Melt" -Rascal Flatts "I'm Moving On" -Rascal Flatts
"Alien Ant Farm" -Smooth Criminal "I Like That" -Chingy "How Do You Get That Lonely" -Blaine Larsen
"No One" -Aly and Aj "The Way" -Clay Aiken "Dem Boyz" -Boys In The Hood-
"I don't want to miss a thing" -Aerosmith "When Christmas Comes To Town" on Polar Express (Lacy's Favorite Movie) "Napolean Dynamite Remix" (Lacy's Favorite Movie)
"Reflection" -Christina Aguilera
(Lacy Karoked this song at Randy's Bar a Month before she died and Britny and John were there and nana and papa)
"Boogie in Your Butt" -- Eddie Murphy (Lacy has loved this song since grade school and still played it for her brothers) "Supermodel" -- RuPaul (Lacy always danced silly to this song)



You are listening to Christina Aguilera's "Reflection."



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