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Campus Life Connect newsletter
"Southeast Nebraska Youth for Christ"
Fall 2005



"We were all reminded this past month just how short our lives on this earth can be. On Tuesday, September 6th, Lacy was killed in an automobile accident. Lacy was a caring daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, and she was also a Campus Life student. She started coming to Northeast Campus Life her freshman year and throughout the next few years kept in touch with Allison Franzen through emails.


Allison has been with Campus Life for 8 years, 3 of those as a volunteer and 5 as a paid staff. She begins this year as the Northeast High School and Mickle Middle School.


Lacy was at Southeast for her junior year, but back at Northeast for her senior year. The day before her tragic death she wrote Allison saying she was happier than she had been in awhile and was looking forward to getting back into Campus Life. If you wonder how much impact one person can have on another, listen to what Lacy told Allison,

"I enjoy Campus Life so much and I feel it'd be really cool if I could find a way to teach other kids my age some of the things I've learned about Christ this summer. I feel like everyday He starts to play a stronger part in my life. I miss seeing you on Mondays!...You guys have lit up so many of my Monday nights so I can deal with the stress of the rest of the week.... I'm going to be around people that care about me and care about the same things I do. I want kids to look up to me like that someday."


We will never know the impact Lacy could have had on those around her, but we can make sure her passion and spirit for Jesus doesn't die with her.

With the memory of her still strong in their hearts and minds, the Northeast staff begins a new year of Campus Life. They are looking for every opportunity to meet others like Lacy and build relationships with them that will last far into eternity."



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