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YMCA Lacy Pittman Soccer Tournament

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lacy coached her brother Camdyn's soccer team, The Defenders, who held a balloon dedication in her honor, planted a tree, and dedicated a plague.

The dedication   Lacy's Defenders  


(Written by Lacy)
Lacy Pittman #6

Looking toward the goal

On track and ready to fight

Veering towards the net

Every feeling is bright

Shooting at the spot

Over the goalie's head

Calling aloud when the ball hits the net

Carelessly jumping into the air

Everyone laughing without a care




Lacy Pittman, age 17, died on September 6, 2005 in a tragic car accident. She left behind many broken hearts and the awareness of what an angel she had been.

She had just begun her senior year in high school, while staying busy working and serving as a YMCA coach for her little brother's soccer team. As the oldest of one sister and seven brothers, Lacy was intelligent and athletic, busy working, focusing on poetry, and playing the drums.

The YMCA of Lincoln, Nebraska, where she spent many years in soccer, has decided to honor Lacy by renaming an annual soccer tournament The Lacy Pittman Memorial Soccer Tournament, the first annual to be held in the fall of 2006.

In order to gather funds for the sponsorship, Lacy's family is raising $800, which is necessary to pay for all of the medals that participants will win. $130 has been raised/pledged so far through this website, and we encourage others to do what they can to support a cause that Lacy would have loved.



This website was NOT created by the YMCA of Lincoln, and is in existance to benefit their institution and help support their efforts. Questions regarding the validity of the tournament funding should be directed towards Rhonda Rhodes at the address below. Please address all cash/check contributions to her at that address as well.



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