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Tattoo's Dedicated to Lacy


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Our Family Chain Is Broken Nothing Is The Same As God Calls Us One by One Our Chain Will Link Again
Lisa Johnson (Lacy's mother)
"Lacy's Hand Always On My Shoulder"
Lacy traced her Hand on a piece of paper and Lisa had it put on her forever!
Lisa Johnson (Lacy's mother)
"Hope / Faith"
Lisa Johnson (Lacy's mother)
Lacy loved stars and her sports number was 6
so Lisa got a six sided star
...and no, Lisa is not Jewish :-)

Lisa Johnson (Lacy's mother)
Lisa Johnson (Lacy's mother)
Jamey Johnson (Lacy's stepdad)
Terryn Shafer (Lacy's brother)
Chyna Pittman (Lacy's sister)
Jeddy Sterns Rick Haney
Megan Donner John Stull
Spencer Wilksen



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