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The family would like to thank EVERYONE for their love, their encouragement, their tears, and most off all their hugs and support when we needed it most!  It has been very humbling and we cannot ever thank each and every one of you properly.

With God’s wonderful love and His angels around us, we have been able to thank Him for Lacy, we have been able to have great memories, we have been able to laugh, and we have grown so much because of Lacy’s legacy.

Lacy’s sister, Chyna, and her brothers, Prestyn, Camdyn, and Journey still struggle and ask about Lacy but each one has been able to slowly open up more and talk about Lacy and we couldn’t be more proud of them.  Journey always thinks Lacy is at work. 

There is not a day that goes by that we do not miss her but we also are still so thankful for ALL the lives that she has touched while she was with us, and the lives she still touches even today.

The family would also like to thank Toni Willingham Doughty, who created this wonderful memorial site for Lacy. Her dedication and hard work, the many hours of time she put in to making Lacy's web page has ensured that her short time on earth will never be forgotten. The extra special touches that came from her heart, making it personalized to Lacy's life has meant so much to this family and it will never be forgotten!

Again, thanks to all and may God Bless each and everyone of you that visits this memorial site.




As I, Lacy’s dad and friend to Lisa, look back and remember when Lisa told me when the sheriff had come to the house to let her know about Lacy’s death that Tuesday, September 6th, 2005.  The look in Lisa’s face as she told me the story still haunts me today for words cannot describe the pain in her eyes and heart as she was telling me how the sheriff’s visit transpired.

I also remember the time when I was talking to my daughter, Chyna, and she vividly remembers mom sitting in the rain the day after we find out Lacy was gone, oblivious to everything that was around her as the rain peppered down on her.  I hurt as a dad as I know the siblings hurt, but I cannot fathom the hurt that a mom goes through when they have to be told the horrible news that their child is gone and they will not ever get a chance here on earth to just have them sit down and visit for a while.









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