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The story that she was writing in the afternoon of the day of her death on September 6, 2005.

      "Stress and hurt sometimes grab you by the throat and threaten to take away everything you've got. For some people stress is a little different than for others. Some people's stress is wondering where to buy their next pair of $200.00 jeans because they aren't going to be as cool as the next person walking down the street. Some people's stress is hoping to make payments on their home and car and every bill, and to take care of their children and know that they are off to school safely, or home safely at the end of the night. Some people's stress is hoping to God they find money, any money, to buy enough food to at least ease a hunger pang for another moment, and hoping that one day they'll have enough to be able to worry about a mortgage and having a car to get their kids off to school. Some people's stress is dealing with the fact that thousands of tons of water is bearing down on their homes and stores and streets because of a recent hurricane. No matter what stress that you are dealing with in your life, if you think about it, Someone, somewhere is dealing with something greater, heavier, scarier than what you're dealing with. It's so hard to go through life living with what you're used to having and knowing that you'd better enjoy it because in a couple of minutes it may very well be gone. In the story you are about to read, take notice at when life really started to end for this family. What changed it, and how your life may become similar, if you don't take the time to change, love, and learn to focus."    

--Lacy Pittman




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